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Foley Dress Code



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  • Pants/skirts may be solid color khaki, navy, black, brown, gray, tan, or denim. Without ANY holes, rips, or tears in the fabric (including rips or holes with fabric patches.) All skirts must at least touch the knee. 

  • No cargo pants, leggings, jeggings, or stretchy knit pants. 

  • Pants must be full length, worn at the waistline, and fit appropriately.

  • Must be free of extra pockets and extra zippers. 

  • Shorts are not permitted (Athletic practice and wellness classes are exceptions.) 

  • Small logos, no larger than 2”x2” are permitted on the pockets, seams, and/or waistband. 



  • Approved Foley Middle School crew neck t-shirts 

  • Crew Neck sweatshirts, plain or Foley approved, may be worn. 

  • Long or short-sleeved polo/button up shirt with collar may be worn. No logos larger than 2” x 2”. It must be buttoned up except for the top button. All button up shirts must have an approved, crew neck shirt underneath and be buttoned completely except for the top button. 

  • 1⁄4” zip, solid, long sleeved top with a collar is permitted. Think polo. 

  • Jackets, coats, hooded sweatshirts, sweaters, and other outerwear must be stored in lockers during the school day. 



  • All shoes must be closed toe and closed heel and shoestrings must be tied. 

  • All purses/ bags carried to class must be smaller than a three-ring notebook. 

  • No scarves, hats, sunglasses, bandanas, chains, or objects that are deemed to be disruptive to the learning environment shall be part of student clothing. 

  • All backpacks (including cinch sacks) are to be stored in lockers during the school day (space will be designated for sports bags/equipment.) ALL CLOTHING 

  • Must be in good condition with no tears, cuts, or holes. 

  • Must be appropriate and show no visible undergarments. 

  • All students must remain in dress code until they exit the building, get on the bus, or are at an approved extracurricular activity. 


All shirts and pants must fit if the student wishes to wear their shirt un-tucked. If the shirt or pants are too big or baggy, the student will be required to tuck in the shirt and wear a belt.